Organic farming

Harvested produce

Hundreds of fruit trees and wild fruit bushes thrive on the certified organic orchards of Gut Guntrams. Among them are numerous old varieties of apples, pears, apricots and other types of fruit that are rarely found today and hardly ever on the market.

Preserving this biodiversity is important to Gut Guntrams, which is why dozens of fruit trees of rare varieties suitable for propagation have been planted in the crystal garden alongside sparkling showpieces of inanimate nature. The name of each tree is inscribed on a round plaque.

A meadow with wild fruit bushes, including rowanberries, cornel cherries and rock pears, can also be seen from the crystal garden. Towards the hovering garden lofts made of solid wood, fig trees and vegetable patches come into view.

The harvest is available for fresh consumption or is processed into jam, syrup and chutney in the estate’s fine artisan workshop. Tip: Kimchi, a Korean preparation made from fermented vegetables; at Guntrams we use turnips, radishes, cabbage and lemons for kimchi.

Numerous wild herbs thrive on the species-rich orchards of Gut Guntrams, which are an aromatic treat both fresh and as tea – not only for humans, but also for the migratory sheep that visit the estate every year.

In spring, the nursery favours the young and fresh harvest of frost-hardy varieties, so that they can ripen from October to March without the need for a heated greenhouse. These include Asian salads, which are characterised by their spicy, fresh flavour; romaine lettuce, Chinese cabbage and purslane are also on offer.

If you grow red radishes or the popular icicle from September, for example, you can enjoy a fresh harvest until spring and don’t need to import produce from faraway countries. The green leaves of the radishes also taste delicious.

Fresh organic vegetables and organic salads are available to take home in the Ab Hof Box from the Guntrams farm shop.

Tip: Various speciality grapes such as Uhudler and Muskat bleu thrive in the grapevines of Gut Guntrams – there is excellent Sturm (fermented grapejuice) at harvest time.

Last but not least: naturally coloured eggs from Guntrams’ laying hens are served for breakfast – a real treat!

Silent farming and refinement

Guntrams Estate has three photovoltaic systems with battery storage, several heat pumps and an electric Hoftrac for silent farming.

The estate’s farm building houses the ‘Edelmacherei’, where juices, jams and sweet delicacies are produced. They are also cooled and processed using solar power.