Crystal garden

Sparkling crystal jewels

The small but extraordinary crystal garden at Guntrams Estate is well worth a diversion. More than two dozen impressive showpieces of rare, sometimes mighty quartz crystals, polished spheres of semi-precious stones and fossilised animals and plants can be admired there. They stand in a meadow surrounded by fruit trees of species worthy of preservation. The Crystal Garden is run by the Guntrams Ark Nature Museum.

On the edge of a small biotope, you can enjoy the view of the showpieces as well as the panorama of the Vienna Alps. The paradisiacal surroundings are also ideal for a picnic (snack baskets are available in the veranda).

The crystals and fossils worth seeing come from all over the world and enrich the landscape with natural artefacts dating back millions of years. Other showpieces can be viewed in the glass house in the orangery as part of a guided tour.

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Fruit worth preserving

The Guntrams Ark Nature Museum also presents dozens of fruit trees of rare and therefore valuable varieties. They are suitable for propagation in the estate’s tree nursery. The name of the tree is written on a round plaque attached to a branch. The overview in the following link provides information about its fruits and their use:

Erhaltergarten Info über Obstbäume 20220217 (German)

Opening hours of the nature museum:

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays from 8.30 am to 4 pm (the large amethyst can only be viewed until around 12 pm).

Admission: 5 euros per person. Guided tours on request.