Organic farming

Gut Guntrams is a certified organic farm that places great value on biodiversity and natural rarities.

Fruit trees, herb meadows and wild fruit bushes provide the guests of the nature hotel and visitors with a very diverse harvest. Tip: citrus fruits from the orangery.

The harvest is available for fresh consumption or is processed into jam, syrup and chutney in the estate’s food refining unit. Homemade liqueurs and spirits complete the range.

The exquisite vegetables from Gut Guntrams are grown and harvested in several seasons (even in winter). Numerous wild herbs thrive on the species-rich orchards, which are an aromatic delight both fresh and as tea. Special herbs and spices are grown in the farm’s own beds.

Particularly worth seeing is a mighty old lime tree, which can be seen at the edge of the crystal garden next to a huge amethyst. The lime tree stands at the centre of an avenue of seven huge oak trees that are several hundred years old.


A highlight of Gut Guntrams is the Orangery, a futuristically shaped glass house with various citrus trees that blossom and bear fruit in every season.

The Orangery is a special location and is suitable for events, celebrations and seminars – either inside or on the spacious terrace with a view of the orchards, depending on the weather and season.

Crystal garden

The extraordinary crystal garden at Guntrams Estate is well worth a visit, with more than two dozen impressive showpieces of rare, sometimes very powerful crystals, polished spheres of semi-precious stones and fossilised animals and plants.

They can be admired in a meadow surrounded by fruit trees of species worthy of preservation and are looked after by the Guntrams Ark Nature Museum.

Rare fossil artefacts from all over the world can be admired in a display case in the orangery (guided tours on request).